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This is the human Kingdom of Stormwind led by King Varian Wrynn. Your Kingdom is located in the south-eastern part of the Eastern Kingdoms and the colour of your nation is Dark Green. The Kingdom of Azeroth was destroyed by the savage Horde in the First war. King Liane was slain and Anduin fled with the remains of this once proud human Kingdom to the north where he warned King Terenas of this new foe of humanity. The survivors of the kingdom of Azeroth joined the alliance of Lordaeron wich was found by King Terenas. After the war has been won, Varian the crown prince in exile came back with his people and reclaimed their homeland. From the ashes of this old human Kingdom a new one rose to lead the man of the south. This was the birth of the Stormwind Kingdom.

Location & Allies

Stormwind is located in the south of the Eastern Kingdoms, with a portal leading to Outland at the south east area of your lands.

  • Allies:
    • Dwarves - Ironforge, the capital of the Dwarves, and his main forces, are located north east of your capital, in Khaz Modan. You should cooperate with him and try to work together at all times to overcome your enemies. Dwarves also have a small settlement inside Stormwind itself, allowing for some quick aid if needed. Further more, developing the Deeprum Tram will allow instant transport between Stormwind and Ironforge.
Ally Income 
Ally Position/Location 

Pros & Cons

  • Pros:
    • Starts as a strong race
    • Powerful melee units and heroes.
    • Well positioned bases and defences.
    • Good healing and buffing capability.
    • Has the possibility to get the fastest and the strongest calvary in the game.
    • Decent range units
  • Cons:
    • Lacks a second chance.
    • Faces a stronger opponent in the beginning.
    • Cooperation with your ally will vital to be victorius against the stronger Fel Horde.
    • Can permanently lose one of his heroes, Varian, after having lost his capital of Stormwind.
    • Is not able to get the tiers done if Stormwind falls.
    • Needs to fight the horde alone intill reinforcements from Khaz Modan arrives and join your forces.



Early Game


Middle and Late Game



(Text here) Control Groups

In the middle game, it is required to build casters, catapults, and even air units to defeat more players. One set up is:

  • Control Group 1:
  • Control Group 2:
  • Control Group 3:
  • Control Group 4:
  • Control Group 5:
  • Control Group 6:


Mastery Icon Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect
Endurance Mastery
350 175 None Increases the Marshalls steel plating ability to 9, increases all melee units hp by 100 and hp reg by 1.
Outriding Mastery
350 200 None Improves the Movement speed by 10%, attack speed by 20% and add 5 damage to Champions, Conjurers, outriders and Stormwind Knights.
Tactical Mastery
350 250 None Improves the effectiveness of the spearmans slow poison, Militias combat experience and Outriders war plating. Gives all casters a bonus of 0,8 mana reg.


Obtainable on the House of Nobles, inside Stormwind´s Oldtown.

Tier Choice Icon Gold Wood First Choice Second Choice
First Tier
150 100 Westfall Financial Aid.
  • Gives summon Garrison and multishot to the Sentinel hill tower in WestFall.
  • Gives Outriders and Stormwind Knights the Impale ability.
  • Gives Marshalls the to Victory and offensive Formation ability.
Darkshire Financial Aid.
  • Improves the summon Garrison ability of Darkshire.
  • Upgrades Improved Masonry.
  • Gives the Marshall the On Guard and Defensive Formation ability.
Second Tier
250 200 Stonemasons Payment.
  • Spawns Edwin Van Cleef as a demi Hero in Stormwind.
  • Enables the training of Defias Blackguard.
  • Gives Spearman and Brigandiers the Ambush ability.
Church of the Holy Light Donation.
  • Spawns Reginald Windsor as a demi hero in Stormwind.
  • Gives Smite to the Chaplain as a Q spell instead of Cleanse.
  • Improves the heal ability of the Clergyman.
  • Edwin Van Cleef and a force of Stonemason rebels will spawn in oldtown and attack the city.
Third Tier
350 300 Arming the Knights of Azeroth
  • Replaces outriders with Stormwind Knights.
  • Replaces Militias with Swordsman.
  • Gives Varian a health, a movement speed and an attack bonus.
Establishing Colonization.
  • Allows you to build 3 Stormwind Caravells.
  • Gives Frigates the ability trackers Mark.
  • Increase all ships movement speed by 15%.


Southern Kingdoms -

  • Once Ironforge has developed the Deeprum Tram, you can use the train on the northeast corner of Stormwind to instantly teleport to Ironforge, and viceversa.
  • If you visit Stromgarde with Danath, Falconrest and an Ogre/Bandit army will spawn outside Stromgarde and besiege it, as it happens you will receive the city.
  • If Stormwind falls, you ll recieve Stromgarde and Galen without the hostile army spawning outside. Varian becomes unrevivable if Stormwind falls.
  • Can conquer Gilneas.

Outland -

  • If you destroy the Black temple, the conjurer will be unlocked.
  • If you destroy the Hellfire Citadel, Danath Trollbane will spawn as a demi hero in the Hellfire Peninsula.

Heroes, Units and Buildings



  • right** Marshal Reginald Windsor (Obtained if you don't pay the Stone Masons full price during Tier Two)
  • right** Edwin VanCleef (Obtained if you pay the Stone Masons full price during Tier Two )
  • right** Danath Trollbane (If Hellfire Citadel is destroyed)

Elite units:

  • right** Stormwind Champions


  • right** Workers
  • right** Brigadier
  • right** Spearman
  • right** Outrider (May Change to Stormwind Knight)
  • right** Militia (May Change to Swordsman)
  • right** Defias Blackguard (researched by tier)
  • right** Marshall
  • right** Clergyman
  • right** Chaplain
  • right** Conjurer (After the destruction of the Black Temple)
  • right** Zepellin
  • right** Transport Ship
  • right** Frigate
  • right** Battleship
  • right** Stormwind Caravel

Special Units:

  • right** Stormwind
  • right** Darkshire
  • right** Sentinel Tower
  • right** Stormguarde


  • right** Town Hall
    • right** Keep
      • right** Castle
  • right** Barracks
  • right** Lumber Mill
  • right** Blacksmith
  • right** Farm
  • right** Altar of Kings
  • right** Arcane Sanctum
  • right** Workshop
  • right** Scout Tower
    • right** Guard Tower
      • right** Improved Guard tower
    • right** Cannon Tower
      • right** Improved Cannon Tower
    • right** Arcane tower
      • right** Improved Arcane Tower
  • right** Shipyard
  • right** Marketplace


  • Stormwind Kingdom is loosely based on the real lore of the Warcraft universe at the time of the Third War, as the Kingdom of Azeroth (AKA Stormwind Kingdom) did not played any role in the Third War, but in the Second, and in WoW's lore following the onslaught of the Undead Scourge.