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Kil'Jaeden The Deceiver


The Burning Legion is the combined force of the Demon Horde that was controlled by Sargeras, a corrupted Titan. Since his defeat, his lieutenants, Kil'Jaeden and Archimonde assumed command of the Legion, and are now trying to conquer the planet of Azeroth, with the aid of the Undead Scourge. You start weak, but after your full army is summoned into the world you will become extremely powerful. You and your ally the Scourge (Red) need to destroy Lordaeron (Purple), Quel'thalas (Green) and Dalaran (Orange), the Human and Elven nations of the North Alliance to obtain the book of Medivh, or corrupt the Sunwell and summon the Legion there. You start with two heroes, Mal'Ganis and Tichondrius, and one Demi - Hero, Jubei'thos. If you lose Archimonde and Kil'Jaeden, you will lose control of your units and buildings as well so it is important to keep them alive at all costs. However if you do lose both Great Demons you will have a second chance with the Dreadlords Balnazzar and Detheroc.

Location & Allies

  • You have 4 locations where you have forces:
    • Twisting Nether (They are neutral until you summon the Burning Legion)
    • Drak'tharon Keep
    • Alterac Mountains
    • Scholomance
  • Allies:
Ally Income 
  • Having this ally is really good because of it's income, after of course taking all of Northrend's Control points Red can became one of the most rich players in-game.
  • The Scourge Starts with 3 Control Points
    • Scholomance (20 Gold)
    • Caer Darrow (15 Gold)
    • Icecrown (50 Gold)
      • TOTAL: 85 Gold
Ally Position/Location 
  • The Undead Scourge forces will begin divided into 2 groups, the first is in Scholomance in Northern Kingdoms, where together with your forces of Alterac Mountains you can either, bolster the attack on Lordaeron (Purple) and Quel'thalas (Green), or hold Dalaran (Orange).

Pros & Cons

  • Pros:
    • Has some of the most powerful heroes in the game.
    • The Great Demons (Archimonde and Kil'Jaeden) can walk on water.
    • Dreadlord Heroes and Elites are always invisible.
    • The Dreadlords are powerful hero killing units.
  • Cons:
    • Takes a long time to reach maximum power.
    • The Great Demons are easy to kill because of their big size and slow movement speed.
    • If both Great Demons die, your demon units and buildings will become hostile.


The Burning Legion (Blue) starts in a similar situation as The Undead Scourge (Red), divided into 2 bases:

  • In Northrend where you will be able the get lots of creep gold and some Control Points.
  • In Alterac Mountains in a perilous situation divided between Dalaran and Lordaeron forces.

The Burning Legion (Blue) is a very delicate faction to play with, most things tend to go wrong if your ally doesn't know how to play, in the recent versions The Burning Legion has grown out of being only Dreadlords early in game to a full faction, which helps a lot in making the game easier.

Early Game

At first you will need to divide your attention between farming Northrend and trying to survive in the Northern Kingdoms. You will have 2 options at the start, you can either help The Undead Scourge (Red) and destroy Purple forces faster or focus to try to siege Dalaran, while The Undead Scourge (Red) holds or destroys Lordaeron's forces on it's own.

Middle Game

If you have chosen to focus on the siege of Dalaran and that worked, you will be able to summon Archimonde and their demon forces into the world. With this your forces will be able to train extra units like Doomguards and Infernals and you will receive Archimonde a very powerful hero, with this, you can be of great help to the Scourge against the forces of the North Alliance.

If you have chosen to help the Scourge's forces you can use your Northrend units to attack Stratholme or the Lordaeron Palace, giving Red the opportunity to get Arthas Menethil as a Death Knight. Use your Transport ships, Battleships and Frigates to get to Stratholme or Lordaeron Palace, if Red has already won against Purple you may use this same tactics against the forces of Quel'Thalas and Dalaran (If wasn't destroyed) to secure the entirety of the Northern regions and finally summon the Burning Legion.

Late Game

After conquer all Northern regions and finally summon the Burning Legion, you have 2 options:

You can go to Southern regions and fight against Fel & Dark Horde (Teal) or the South Alliance (Stormwind and Khaz Modan) because they will be a big problem if you don't stop them but with the help of the Undead Scourge, it won't be to difficult. Then you can focus on take Kalimdor, especially to claim the World Tree.

You can go to Kalimdor and fight against the Night Elves (Sentinels and Druids) to claim the World Tree and make Archimonde unstoppable (You will gain +8 levels to Archimonde). With the power of the World Tree, you can take easily the army of South Alliance or the Fel & Dark Horde.

Always be sure to protect the areas of Northrend with Battleships and Frigates because you can't know how and when the enemy is going to attack you, especially in Northrend because they will try everything to take your ally down and as a consecuence, you too.


Burning Legion's composition varies dramatically during early, middle and late game because of his summoning, Most people use only Archimonde, replace the Dreadlords for the Doomguards as main Elite units, and use the revivable heroes (Tichondrius and Mal'Ganis) to scout before sending Archimonde in.

Control Groups

Every control group require to train elites, melee, casters and catapults to defeat the main enemy (Depends of the moment) Some examples are:

Before Summon the Burning Legion

  • Control Group 1: Starting Heroes + Dreadlords (Trainable in any Nathrezim Summoning Spire) + Jubei'thos
  • Control Group 2: Warlocks
  • Control Group 3: Shadow Priests
  • Control Group 4: Infernal Contraptions
  • Control Group 5: Fel Stalker

After Summon the Burning Legion

  • Control Group 1: Archimonde (or Kil'Jaeden if you lost Archimonde) + Doomguards - you can also add Nether Dragons to this group to have less control groups later on
  • Control Group 2: Starting Heroes (Tichondrius and Mal'Ganis) + Dreadlords + Jubei'thos
  • Control Group 3: Nether Dragons - if you add them to group 1 then just ignore this one
  • Control Group 4: Shadow Priests + Warlocks
  • Control Group 5: Infernal Juggernaut + 6 Fel Overlords
  • Rest of control groups will go for meatshield units (ones you get from summoning and some trained fel guards etc.)

As Insurgent Dreadlords

  • Control Group 1: Balnazzar and Detheroc + Dreadlords + Frost Wyrms
  • Control Group 2: Abomination
  • Control Group 3: Crypt Fiends
  • Control Group 4: Warlocks + 1 Obsidian (Essence of Blight's Autocast)
  • Control Group 5: Shadow Priests + 1 Obsidian Statue (Spirit Touch's Autocast)
  • Control Group 6: Meat Wagons


Mastery Icon Gold Wood Effect
Nathrezim Elitism Mastery
350 250 The Dreadlords of the Nathrezim enchance themselves with the elite demonic power of Sargeras. Give all Nathrezim units and heroes a 20% hit points bonus, a 15 damage attack bonus, a 10% movement speed bonus, a stronger Carrion Swarm and the ability to drain mana on each attack (Feedback)

Feedback: Dreadlord attacks destroy 20 mana per hit. The mana combusts, dealing damage to the attacked unit.

Mo - arg Battle Mastery
350 250 Increases Felguards and Overlords hit points by 10% and life regeneration rate by 100%. Increase the effectiveness of the Overlord's Endurance Aura.
Demonic Power Mastery
350 400 Demonic blood of your casters give them extraordinary physical abilities. Increase the HP of your casters by 100, damage by 10, mana by 50 and mana regeneration by 30%.



  • You can kill Sapphiron, to get him resurrected as a powerful Demi - Hero unit for the Scourge (Red).


  • Archimonde can consume the World Tree giving him more power (+8 Levels).

Northern Kingdoms -

  • You can summon the Burning Legion with the Book of Medivh or with help of the Undead Scourge by transforming Kel'Thuzad into a Lich at the Sunwell.
  • If you destroy Andorhal's Barracks (Andorhal), Hearthglen's Keep (Hearthglen), Brill's Inn, Agamand's Mill and Vandermar's Inn (Nearby Tirisfal Glade and Lordaeron City), Havenshire's Chapel (Havenshire), Darrowshire's Inn and Corin's Barn (Nearby Stratholme), an Area of Blight will appear that benefits undead units regeneration.
  • If you or your ally (Undead Scourge) destroy the Scarlet Monastery, you will get 1 Felgate as a replacement of the Scarlet Monastery.
  • If Gilneas is conquered by you or your ally, you will gain 1 Felgate inside it's capital.

Heroes, Units and Buildings


Heroes: (When the Legion is Summoned)


Special Buildings: (Unbuildable)

  • right** Legion Stronghold
  • right** Drak'Tharon Keep
  • right** Felgate (Limited to 4)
  • right** Barracks


  • right** Nether Portal
  • right** Demon Gate (After summoning of Legion)
  • right** Chaos Temple
  • right** Defense Pylon
  • right** Nathrezim Summoning Spire
  • right** Hellforge
  • right** Nether Dragon Roost (After summoning of Legion)
  • right** Mo - arg Forge
  • right** Undead Shipyard

Elite Units:

  • right** Dreadlord (Limited to 6)
  • right** Doomguard (Limited to 6, only trainable in Legion Stronghold after summoning of Legion)


  • right** Eredar Summoner
  • right** Felguard (After summoning of Legion)
  • right** Succubus
  • right** Fel Stalkers (Limited to 12)
  • right** Infernal (Limited to 12, After summoning of Legion)
  • right** Felguard Overlord (Limited to 12, After summoning of Legion)
  • right** Shadow Priest
  • right** Warlock
  • Voidwalker.jpg Voidwalker
  • BTNInfernalCannon.png Infernal Contraption (Limited to 8)
  • right** Infernal Juggernaut (Limited to 6, After summoning of Legion)
  • right** Nether Dragon (Limited to 4, After summoning of Legion)
  • right** Transport Ship
  • right** Frigate
  • right** Battleship (Limited to 12)

After the Death of both Great Demons:



  • right** Necropolis
    • right** Halls of the Dead
      • right** Black Citadel
  • right** Crypt
  • right** Temple of the Damned
  • right**Ziggurat
    • right** Spirit Tower
    • right** Nerubian Tower
  • right** Graveyard
  • right**Slaughterhouse
  • right** Altar of Darkness
  • right** Boneyard
  • right** Tomb of Relics
  • right** Shipyard


  • right** Acolytes
  • right** Ghoul
  • right** Zombie
  • right**Necromancer
  • right** Banshee
  • right** Shade
  • right** Skeleton Archer
  • right** Crypt Fiend
  • right** Gargoyle
  • right** Abomination
  • right** Obsidian Statue
  • right** Obsidian Destroyer
  • right** Meat Wagon (Limited to 6)
  • right** Frost Wyrm (Limited to 4)
  • right** Transport Ship
  • right** Frigate
  • right** Battleship (Limited to 12)


  • Use your Dreadlord Hero Squad to kill heroes, especially when you research the Nathrezim Elite Mastery.
  • Felgates and Demon Gates ARE NOT the same:
    • The Felgates can only train basic demon units like: Fel Stalkers, Succubus and Void Walkers. Also the buildings are limited by 4 (You get 2 at the start of the game and 2 by the events)
    • The Demon Gates can train all the Burning Legion's units from Felguards to Infernal Juggernauts (The buildings are unlimited).
  • After summoning Archimonde, use your Dreadlord Squad as scouts. The Dreadlords have permanent invisibility and that makes them excellent at this role.
  • You can use your ships to get creep gold on islands or siege the coasts of the North Alliance.