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This page (or sections below) is under construction. It final contents may be changed significantly.

This page has several guidelines (not rules, but good practices) for those, who edit this Wiki.


Use "wikitable" class for common tables.

Example code: {| class="wikitable" |- !Attribute||Base||Gain |- |[[File:Strength.jpg]]|||15||1.5 |- |[[File:Agility.jpg]]|||15||1.0 |- |[[File:Intelligence-c.jpg]]|||23||3.0 |}

Example View:

Attribute Base Gain
Strength.jpg 15 1.5
Agility.jpg 15 1.0
Intelligence-c.jpg 23 3.0


If you want to add a new page to the wiki, please try to keep the same style as other similar pages. For aiding you in the task, here there are some pre-made pages; Just hit Edit, copy the whole page, go to a new page, paste the template, and start editing. We hope this may make your work a little easier.

Table of contents


If page contains too many elements (>15), so Table of Contents become too large, one may use Template {{TOC limit|n}}, where n - level of shown sections in TOC. For example Kel'Thuzard (Lich) page has too many sections, and it TOC is forced to show only level-2 sections.