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After the terrible sundering that ripped the world apart, a group of Night Elves vowed to restore the land and protect it from further devastation. Naturally connected to the Emerald Dream, they have been awakened to fight against the imminent powers that endanger the World Tree.

Location & Allies

Brown is located primarily in northeastern Kalimdor, with a base in the far southwest of the continent. You are shielded from the Horde by your ally light blue so you can focus on fighting gray in southern Kalimdor.

  • Allies:
    • The Sentinel - Their main settlement is just south from you, and is of crucial importance to you. The Sentinels guard your lands from invasions from the south. You should use Cenarius to help them, however.
Ally Income 
Ally Position/Location 

Pros & Cons

  • Pros:
    • Quite safe initially; whoever wants to beat you will need to push through the Sentinel's forces first.
    • Best tanks in the game.
    • Good dispell and anti-caster abilities.
    • Great support heroes.
    • Nordrassil can revive 50 units with a single spell.
  • Cons:
    • Detection must be bought from an upgrade
    • Units are expensive.
    • Can be difficult to manage so many different units that fight in so many different ways.
    • Heavy reliance on your ally.
    • Can be rendered almost useless if Archimonde consumes the World Tree.


(Text here)

Early Game

(Text here)

Middle and Late Game

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(Text here) Control Groups

In the middle game, it is required to build casters, catapults, and even air units to defeat more players. One set up is:

  • Control Group 1:
  • Control Group 2:
  • Control Group 3:
  • Control Group 4:
  • Control Group 5:
  • Control Group 6:


Mastery Icon Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect
Balance Mastery
350 200 None Empowers all Druidic casters, increasing their attack speed by 25% and mana regeneration by 75%. Also improves Life Bloom and Abolish Magic.
Bonding Mastery
350 200 None Faerie Dragons unlock Fey Phantasm and Improved Mana Flare, Chimaeras unlock Lightining Barrage, Both units get +100Hp. Also increases the moonwells manapool by 100.
Feral Mastery
350 200 None Druid of the Claw unlocks Feroucious Strikes and Furbolgs unlock Open Wounds. Both units get an 10% attack speed and damage boost plus 5% moviment speed.


Kalimdor -

  • If you bring the Horn of Cenarius to the Barrow Den, you can acquire Malfurion.
  • If you or Light Blue kill Thunder Bluff you will get 3 powerful Guardians of Nature.

Northern Kingdom -

  • If you or Light Blue kill Crowley in Gilneas, all your Ancients will get a boost to movement speed and HP.

Heroes, Units and Buildings


Elite units:

  • right** Guardians of Nature


  • right** Druidic Wisp
  • right** Furbolg
  • right** Dryad
  • right** Druid of the Claw
  • right** Mountain Giant
  • right** Druid of the Talon
  • right** Faerie Dragon
  • right** Druid of Growth
  • right** Chimaera
  • right** Transport Ship
  • right** Frigate
  • right** Battleship

Special Buildings: (Unbuildable)

  • right** Nordrassil
  • right** Barrow Dens
  • right** Cenarion Hold


  • right** Tree of Life
    • right** Tree of Ages
      • right** Tree of Eternity
  • right** Moon well
  • right** Altar of Elders
  • right** Ancient of Wonders
  • right** Ancient of Lore
  • right** Ancient of Wind
  • right** Ancient Protector
  • right** Night Elf Shipyard