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The High Elves of Quel'Thalas are a proud magically gifted race descended from the Highborne that sailed from Kalimdor thousands of years ago. These ancient Highborne eventually settled in Northern Eastern Kingdoms, finding a forest so beautiful that they decided to claim it. The natives of this new land, the Amani Forest Trolls, did not take kindly to this. After many battles the High Elves eventually formed an alliance with the Human Nation of Arathor. In return for defeating the Trolls, the High Elves taught Humans magic. This began the Alliance between Humans and High Elves.

In the game, the High Elves have the colour green. They start out entirely inside Quel'Thalas, with some Troll creeps in Zul'Aman. Their unit lineup consists mostly of ranged units, spell casters, and a few melee units. They control two heroes, Sylvanas and Anasterian. If Silvermoon falls, they will lose those two heroes but gain Kael'Thas and the Blood Elves. They are allied with Lordaeron and Dalaran, and the primary enemies of green are the Burning Legion and the Scourge.

Location & Allies

Quel'Thalas is located on the northernmost tip of the Eastern Kingdoms. The High Elves begin with two allies.

Ally Income

Ally Position/Location

Pros & Cons

  • Pros:
    • Capable of drastically reducing enemy speed with Cold Arrows and Slow.
    • Farstriders can silence enemy casters.
    • Nearly every unit benefits from Trueshot Aura. Sylvanas has Trueshot Aura.
    • Has powerful support spells and healing from Priests.
    • Access to unlimited magic immune Spell Breakers after Silvermoon dies.
  • Cons:
    • Lacks decent melee power before Silvermoon dies.
    • Difficult to survive alone, but not impossible.
    • Can permanently lose both his initial heroes.
    • Has a low starting income.


Mastery Icon Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect
Arcane Empowerment
355 150 None Improves the effectiveness of the Priest's Heal and Inner Fire as well as the Sorceress's Slow and Polymorph. Improves Anasterian's intelligence by 10 and gives him two skill points.
Archery Mastery
375 270 None Extends the attack range of the Farstrider by 50. Also improves the Quel'Danas Ranger's Searing Arrrows, by having it no longer cost mana and increasing its damage by 2.
Blood Infusement
340 175 This mastery will only be useful after Silvermoon is destroyed. Increases the health of Spell Breakers and Blood Elf Warriors by 15%, their mana by 50% and gives Blood Elf Warriors the Feedback ability.


Northrend -

  • Can gain Dar´khan Drathir by capturing Drak'tharon Keep in Eastern Northrend. This also gives high elven magi the Spell Steal ability.

Northern Kingdoms -

  • if you or any of the Northern Alliance subjugate Gilneas, you will gain Graymane´s Keep.
  • If Silvermoon falls, all buildings in Quel'Thalas will go neutral hostile, and a small force of Blood Elves with Kael'thas Sunstrider will spawn inside Dalaran Dungeons. You will gain access to Blood Mages, Blood Elf Warriors, and Spellbreakers, but lose Anasterian Sunstrider, Sylvanas Windrunner, and High Elven Magi permanently.

Outland -

  • Kael'thas can drop an item on the teleporter in the Dalaran dungeons to activate it. The teleporter leads to the Netherstorm. This is very useful for escaping the Scourge and starting over.
  • If Kael reaches the Netherstorm, he will get his second main base The Tempest Keep.

Heroes, Units and Buildings


Heroes: (if Silvermoon is destroyed)


  • right** Dar´khan Drathir
  • right** Vereesa Windrunner

Elite Units:

  • right** Farstrider(High Elves Only, Castle Only, Limited to 6)
  • right** High Elven Magus (High Elves Only, Limited to 12)
  • right** Blood Mage (Blood Elves Only, Castle Only, Limited to 6)


  • right** Elven Worker
  • right** Elven Warrior
  • right** Silvermoon Archer
  • right** Dragonhawk Rider (Limited to 8)
  • right** Sorceress
  • right** Priest
  • right** Spellbreaker (Blood Elves Only)
  • right** Transport Ships
  • right** Frigates
  • right** Battleships (Limited to 12)

Special Buildings: (unbuildable)

  • right** Grand Elven Sunwell
  • right** Elven Runestones
  • right** Silvermoon Palace
  • right** Quel´danil Lodge
  • right** Silvermoon Covenant


  • right** High Elven Farm
  • right** Town Halls
    • right** Keep
      • right** Castle
  • right** Elven Barracks
  • right** Lumber Mills
  • right** Blacksmiths
  • right** Elven Farm
  • right** Altar of Kings
  • right** Arcane Sanctum
  • right** Arcane Vault
  • right** Scout Towers
    • right** Arcane tower
    • right** Elven towers
  • right** Shipyard


  • High Elves and Blood Elves are the same race; Blood Elves are the remaining forces of High Elves after Silvermoon falls.
  • Keeps and Castles have a long ranged siege attack