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Kargath Bladefist

From Azeroth Wars: Legacy Reborn Wiki
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Kargath Bladefist.png

Kargath Bladefist is the Warchief of the Fel Horde and Chieftain of the Shattered Hand Clan. He earned the sobriquet "Bladefist" after he cut off his own hand, replacing it with a deadly scythe. Thereafter, he quickly rose to the station of Chieftain of the Shattered Hand.

Hero Parameters

Base Gain
Strength-c.jpg 24 2.8
Agility.jpg 27 2
Intelligence.jpg 20 2

Combat Statistics

  • Base Damage: 31 - 53
  • Attack Type: Hero
  • Attack Range: Melee
  • Base Armor: 8
  • Armor Type: Hero
  • Movement Speed: Average


Bladefist's Howl

Bladefist's Howl.png
Type: Activated
Targeting: Ally
Lv. Required: None

Kargath lets lose a ferocious howl increasing his allies damage and health regeneration.

Mana Cooldown AoE Duration Effect
1 120 30 seconds 600 25 seconds Gives 10% damage and 180% health regeneration
2 140 30 seconds 600 25 seconds Gives 15% damage and 260% health regeneration
3 160 30 seconds 600 25 seconds Gives 20% damage and 340% health regeneration
4 180 30 seconds 600 25 seconds Gives 25% damage and 420% health regeneration


  • Another roar of any type can replace this ability.

Dark Grip

Dark Grip.png
Type: Channeling
Targeting: Enemy/Organic
Lv. Required: None

Dark magic wraps itself around the body of a foe, rendering it immobile and dealing damage over time.

Mana Cooldown C. Range Duration Effect
1 95 18 seconds 700 Last 6 seconds (1 for Heroes) Deals 30 damage
2 110 18 seconds 700 Last 8 seconds (2 for Heroes) Deals 45 damage
3 125 18 seconds 700 Last 10 seconds (3 for Heroes) Deals 60 damage
4 140 18 seconds 700 Last 12 seconds (4 for Heroes) Deals 75 damage


  • Elites units and creeps higher than level 5 has the same duration as the heroes.
  • Use this ability in combination of your melee units to trap the enemy affected with the spell.

Cleaving Attack

Cleaving Attack.jpg
Type: Passive
Targeting: Enemy/Ground
Lv. Required: None

The Hero strikes with such force that he damages multiple enemies with his attack.

AoE Effect
1 200 10% damage is splash
2 200 20% damage is splash
3 200 30% damage is splash
4 200 40% damage is splash


  • Make sure to give damage to Kargath for the effectiveness of the splash damage.

Enhanced Life

Enhanced Life.jpg
Type: Passive
Targeting: None
Lv. Required: 10

After many battles, Kargath has become incredibly resilient.

1 Increases Kargath's hit points by 600
2 Increases Kargath's hit points by 1200
3 Increases Kargath's hit points by 1800

Events and Others

  • If you manage to kill Lord Crowley on Gilneas, Kargath will gain a boost in his stats (+15 on all stats).
  • Kargath can go to Grim Batol and gain Zuluhed the Whacked if you destroyed first Thelsamar and Darkshire.