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The Lordaeron Kingdom plays an important role in the war against the Undead. They are the biggest, most populated and richest human kingdom in the world; Still, they are arrogant and ignore the threat that is appearing on the horizon: the Undead Scourge. Their main cities are Lordaeron itself, settled right north of Dalaran, on the other edge of the lake, Stratholme, a port city southwest of Quel'thalas and Tyr's hand, port city on the far eastern end of the kingdom; all three are vital for the economy and strength of this proud nation. They are located in the northern half of Eastern Kingdom, halfway between Quel'thalas and Dalaran, being both surrounded by his allies, and his enemies.

Location & Allies

Lordaeron is located in the northern part of the Eastern Kingdoms, north of Dalaran and south of Quel'thalas, it is divided into western (Capital Palace, Scarlet Monastery)and Eastern (Stratholme, Try´s Hand):

Allies Income 
Allies Position/Location 

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
    • Economically strong from the beginning.
    • One of the best melee in the game.
    • Overall melee-oriented race, having armor and HP regeneration auras.
    • Has various support units.
    • Has 3 powerful and versatile heroes at the start.
    • Lordaeron Crown, a very powerful healing item, can be obtained after Arthas reaches level 12.
  • Cons
    • Can lose income very easily if Scourge concentrates on Scholomance.
    • Early threatened from Scholomance and Alterac.
    • Can permanently lose two of his initial heroes.
    • Quite ally-dependent.
    • Can easily lose Stratholme from a well-developed sea offense.


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Early Game

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Middle and Late Game

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Mastery Icon Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect
Soldier Mastery
350 250 None Footmen are only slowed 20% when Defend is active, and the War Plating ability on knights has a 60% chance to activate instead of only 25%. All Lordaeron melee units will also gain a 20% attack speed bonus, and 15% moviment speed bonus.
Composite Weapons Mastery
350 250 None Gives longbowmen the Haste ability which increases thei attack speed by 50% for 20 seconds with, 30 seconds cooldown. Increases attack range by 150, moviment speed by 40, 20% more hp and 10 bonus damage.
Empowerment Mastery
350 250 None Increases the potency of Smite. Increases the hp of silver hand squires, footmans and paladins by 100. Gives footman and Silver hand squire the light´s protection ability.


Northern Kingdoms -

  • If you or any of the Northern alliance conquers Gilneas, you will gain in return Darius Crownley as a demi-hero, and the city´s Capital Building.
  • If Stratholme is lost, you will lose control of Eastern Lordaeron, Arthas becomes unrevivable, and when Arthas dies you will get Mograine, in Silver hand with a small army.
  • If Capital Palace is destroyed, Uther will become unrevivable, and you will lose control of Western Lordaeron. You can't lose control of Tyr's Hand, Hearthglen or Scarlet Monastery by an event.
  • 10 minutes after the game starts, Red will get the option to start plague. When they do, all of your citizens (neutral passive human units spread all over your territory and Dalaran's) will turn into zombies.(You can kill them before-hand)

Northrend -

  • After the destruction of the Frozen Throne, bringing prince Arthas to where it stood will replace him with King Arthas, a slightly stronger variant with a different ultimate ability, and will also spawn the Crown of Lordaeron at the Capital City.

Heroes, Units & Buildings


Heroes: (After Stratholme is destroyed and Arthas dies)


Elite units:

  • right** Silverhand Paladins

Special Units:

  • right** King Terenas II


  • right** Worker
  • right** Steam tank
  • right** Silver Hand Squire
  • right** Footman
  • right** Longbow men
  • right** Knight
  • right** Cleric
  • right** Chaplain
  • right** Transport Ship
  • right** Frigate
  • right** Battleship

Special Buildings: (Unbuildable)

  • BTNCastle.png Stratholme
  • BTNCastle.png Capital Palace
  • BTNArcaneSanctum.png Scarlet Monastery
  • BTNCastle.png Tyr`s Hand Citadel


  • right** Town Hall
    • right** Keep
      • right** Castle
  • right** Barracks
  • right** Lumber Mill
  • right** Blacksmith
  • right** Farm
  • right** Altar of Kings
  • right** Chapel
  • right** Workshop
  • right** Scout Tower
    • right** Guard Tower
      • right** Improved Guard tower
    • right** Cannon Tower
      • right** Improved Cannon Tower
  • right** Shipyard
  • right** Marketplace
  • BTNFarm.png  Inn (Unbuildable)
  • BTNFarm.png  Windmill (Unbuildable)
  • BTNFarm.png  Barn(Unbuildable)


  • Lordaeron Kingdom is one of the more lore-wise accurate nations playable in the game. It's lack of alliance with the Dwarves of Ironforge and Arathor Kingdom is for gameplay reasons.