Maiev Shadowsong

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Warden Maiev Shadowsong, Jailor of the Betrayer.

A former priestess of Elune, Maiev Shadowsong was appointed head warden in charge of keeping the betrayer locked in his cell . She has performed her duties for 10,000 years, but when the High Priestess of Elune decided to free him, her wardens refused. In response, Tyrande attacked and killed all wardens in her path until she eventually released Illidan from his cell. Outraged, Maiev set out to recapture Illidan.

In game, Maiev is a very useful hero. All three of her spells allow her to hero aim, and her summoned huntresses allow the Sentinels to easily place owls anywhere Maiev goes. And since Maiev has blink, she can cover ground very fast. However, she is very fragile. Always get blink so you can escape from enemy attacks.

Hero Parameters

Base Gain
STR 20 2.40
AGI 21 1.60
INT 15 2.00

Combat Statistics

  • Base Damage: 29-49
  • Attack Type: Hero
  • Attack Range: 100
  • Base Armor: 4
  • Armor Type: Hero
  • Movement Speed: 250


Huntress Call (Q)

Type: Activated
Targeting: N/A
Lv. Required: None

Summons Huntresses to fight Maiev's enemies.

Mana Cooldown AoE Duration Effect
1 100 15 200 60 Summons 2 Huntresses.
2 100 15 200 60 Summons 4 Huntresses.
3 100 15 200 60 Summons 6 Huntresses.
4 100 15 200 60 Summons 8 Huntresses.
  • Huntresses benefit from upgrades.
  • Summoned Huntresses can cast permanent Sentinel Owls.

Blink (W)

Type: Activated
Targeting: N/A
Lv. Required: None

Short distance teleportation that allows the Warden to move in and out of combat.

Mana Cooldown Max Range Min Range Effect
1 50 10 Seconds 600 200 Teleportation.
2 10 10 Seconds 650 200 Teleportation.
3 10 1 Seconds 700 200 Teleportation.
4 5 0.50 Seconds 750 200 Teleportation.
5 1 0.01 Seconds 800 200 Teleportation.
  • Maiev is a glass cannon. You'll need this spell to escape the frontline when she starts taking damage.

Shadow Strike (E)

Type: Activated
Targeting: Enemy/Organic
Lv. Required: None

Hurls a poisoned dagger which deals large initial damage, and then deals damage over time. The poisoned unit also has its movement speed slowed by 50% for a short duration.

Mana Cooldown C. Range Duration Effect
1 75 8 Seconds 450 15 Seconds Deals 75 initial damage, then 10 damage per second.
2 75 8 Seconds 450 15 Seconds Deals 125 initial damage, then 25 damage per second.
3 75 8 Seconds 450 15 Seconds Deals 175 initial damage, then 40 damage per second.
4 65 8 Seconds 450 15 Seconds Deals 225 initial damage, then 55 damage per second.
5 65 8 Seconds 450 15 Seconds Deals 275 initial damage, then 70 damage per second.
  • While this is an amazing hero-aiming spell, Maiev's other spells are far more useful.

Fan of Knives (R)

Type: Activated
Targeting: Enemy/Organic
Lv. Required: 10

The Warden hurls a flurry of knives, damaging nearby enemies.

Mana Cooldown AoE Effect
1 200 120 Seconds 550 Deals 200 damage per target.
2 225 120 Seconds 550 Deals 400 damage per target.
3 250 120 Seconds 550 Deals 600 damage per target.
  • Try blinking into the middle of an enemy army, quickly casting Fan of Knives then blinking out to deal enormous damage.

Events and Others

  • After Califax inside Illidan's prison is killed, the Sentinels will gain Maiev and the Warden's Guild
  • After Illidan has betrayed the Sentinels by consuming the Skull of Gul'dan, there will be a penalty for re-allying brown. If you re-ally the Illidari, you will permanently lose Maiev and the Wardens.
  • If you bring Maiev to the Shen'dralar in Eldre'thalas, you will gain them as elite units.
  • If Archimonde consumes the World Tree, Maiev, along with all other Night Elves, will be permanently removed.