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Sapphiron was an agent of the blue dragonflight who had guarded a treasure hoard in the mountains of Northrend. After being slain by Arthas Menethil, the dragon was raised as a powerful frost wyrm and sent to the halls of Naxxramas, where he guards the inner sanctum of the citadel's dread master, Kel'Thuzad.

Combat Statistics

  • Base Damage: 86-119/85-97
  • Attack Type: Piercing/Chaos
  • Attack Range: 500/300
  • Base Armor: 4
  • Armor Type: Heavy
  • Movement Speed: Average
  • Initial Health: 2000
  • Initial Mana: 0


  • Freezing Breath - Makes Sapphiron able the cast Breath of frost and Freezing breath
  • Unholy Strenght
  • Unholy Armor
  • Creature Mastery- Effect


Resistent Skin

Type: Passive
Targeting: Not required

This gives Sapphiron magic resistance, similar to the resistance that level 6+ creeps have. Namely, you can't be Polymorphed, Possessed, etc, and all offensive spells have a shorter duration on the target (such as stuns, Ensnare, etc). It DOES NOT reduce damage dealt to the target, however. That’s an effect of hero armor, not hero magic resistance.

Mana Cooldown C. Range AoE Duration Effect
Not required 0 0 0 0 Gives Sapphiron increased resistance to spell damage.


Breath of Frost

Type: Castable

Breaths a cone of frost at a enemy that deals 80 initial damage and 5 damage per second over 9 seconds

Mana Cooldown C. Range AoE Duration Effect
0 ? ? ? 9 seconds Does 125 Dmg


Freezing Breath

Type: Passive

When used on a building, stops it´s activities. Lasts 5 seconds

Mana Cooldown C. Range AoE Duration Effect
0 ? ? ? ? ?