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The Sentinels of Ashenvale are a vigilant group of Night Elves dedicated to the preservation of the forests and the worship of Elune. They have been allied to the Druids for generations, and the two share a common history. Their main objective is to protect the World Tree from any harm. They'll have to battle the Horde for dominance over Kalimdor if they want to fulfill their goal.

Location & Allies

The Sentinels are situated in Northern Kalimdor, with an important base at Feathermon Stronghold in the south west of Kalimdor. Its relatively small army is bolstered by natural defenses and a Fountain of Health. The sentinels are primarily intended to serve as a buffer for brown to fight and kill gray, and to halt or reverse pink's expansion in the interior of the continent.

  • Allies:
    • Druids - Located to your north and far south. You will both need to cooperate to protect the World Tree. Your primary settlements are divided by a small rogue Satyr force; you will want to deal with them to connect both cities, and head together to Illidan's prison.
Ally Income 
Ally Position/Location 

Pros & Cons

  • Pros:
    • Some of the best natural defenses in the game.
    • The most damage ranged units in the game.
    • Powerful healers/spellcasters.
    • Moonwells offer free healing.
  • Cons:
    • Small initial army and territories..
    • Horrible starting economy, with only 45g/min coming in initially.
    • Heavy reliance on brown.


(Text here)

Early Game

(Text here)

Middle and Late Game

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(Text here) Control Groups

In the middle game, it is required to build casters, catapults, and even air units to defeat more players. One set up is:

  • Control Group 1:
  • Control Group 2:
  • Control Group 3:
  • Control Group 4:
  • Control Group 5:
  • Control Group 6:


Mastery Icon Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect
Might of the Wardens Mastery
350 250 None Gives 1 health regeneration bonus, 10% Hp and Moviment speed bonus to all Night Elves Units.
Huntress Swiftness Mastery
350 250 None Increases Hp of huntresses by 100, their damage by 10, attack range by 75 and gives them evasion.
Grace of Elune Mastery
350 250 None Impoves priestesses´ heal range and mana cost, improves acolyte´s paralysis, increases mana regeneration by 0.80 and maximum mana by 50 of all casters.


Kalimdor -

  • Having a hero enter Eldre´thalas will result in the base being captured.
  • After destroying Stonemaul Fortress, bringing Tyrande to Eldrethalas will result in you receiving the Scepter of the Queen.

Northern Kingdoms -

  • Killing Darius Crowley in Gilneas will give a boost to the movement speed and health of your ancients.

Heroes, Units and Buildings


  • right** Shandris Feathermoon
  • right** Maiev Shadowsong
  • right** Tyrande Whisperwind


  • right** Naisha

Elite Units:

  • right** Shadowleaf Sentinel


  • right** Sentinel Wisp
  • right** Archers
  • right** Rangers (Archers upgrade)
  • right** Huntress
  • right** Nightblade
  • right** Hypogryph (Limited)
  • right** Hypogryph Raider
  • right** Glaive Thrower (Limited)
  • right** Priestess
  • right** Acolyte
  • right** Transport Ship
  • right** Frigate
  • right** Battleship

Special Buildings: (Unbuildable)

  • right** Auberdine
  • right** Darnassus
  • right** Watchers HQ
  • right** Feathermoon Stronghold
  • right** The Athenaeum (By event)


  • right** Sentinel Outpost
    • right** Sentinel Embassy
      • right** Sentinel Enclave
  • right** Residence
  • right** War Quarter
  • right** Workshop
  • right** Ancient of War
  • right** Temple of elune
  • right** Runestone
  • right** Altar of Elders
  • right** Ancient of Wonders
  • right** Night Elven Shipyard