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Thrall gathered a renegade group of lethargic Fel Orcs and purged them of any demonic magic. Proclaiming that they should be free of such influence forever, he is poised on freeing his brethren that are held captive in Durnholde. Transport ships are waiting to take them all to Kalimdor. He has also allied several troll tribes. After being seperated, Thrall has allied with the Darkspear Trolls under Vol'jin. While your ally has reached the shores of Kalimdor.

Location & Allies

The Horde starts scattered. You should take advantage of that and creep extensively. You start with only Darkspear Hold, but can capture Orgrimmar with Thrall, and Thunderbluff with Cairne.

  • Allies:
    • Warsong Clan - They start as scattered as you, Grom and Rexxar start nearby Cairne, and Rokhan is found east of Zul'farrack.
Ally Income 
Ally Position/Location 

Pros & Cons

  • Pros:
    • Highly mobile, and thus can get lots of creep money.
    • Good AoE and melee.
    • Excellent tanks.
    • Access to lots of creep money.
  • Cons:
    • Poor range and dispell.
    • Has to fight the Night Elves, in order to afirm his position in Kalimdor.
    • Upgrades are more expensive when compared to the Night Elves.
    • Gathering all of your forces and using all your units properly can be challenging.


Mastery Icon Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect
Warrior Spirit Mastery
350 200 None Gives 10% bonus moviment speed and 15% hp bonus to grunts, kodos and shamans. Also increases the effectiveness of the lightning shield ability.
Spiritual Mastery
350 200 None Improves ancestral spirit ability, reduces the time for stasis traps and reduces the manacost of healing wards. Also improves the cast range on all affected abilities, gives 0.8 mana regeneration to all casters
Tauren Mastery
350 200 None Increases taurens moviment speed and hp by 10%, also improves the Pulverize ability and gives them Toughned Hide ability.


Kalimdor -

  • Once you kill the Sea Witch on Darkspear Isle, Thrall takes the trolls and his Clan to Kalimdor (Note: When doing this they are invulnerable in their ships, and cannot be killed)
  • Thrall will capture Orgrimmar upon entry.
  • After destroying Feathermoon, Thrall can recieve the Sceptor of the Queen in Eldrethalas.

Northrend -

  • Taking Thrall to the Frozen Throne after it is destroyed gives him spell resistence, a stat boost, and multiple skill points.

Heroes, Units and Buildings

  • Heroes:
    • right** Thrall
    • right** Cairne Bloodhoof
    • right** Vol'Jin
  • Demi-heroes
    • right** Drek´thar
  • Units:
    • right** Peon
    • right** Troll Headhunter
    • right** Far seer
    • right** Demolisher
    • right** Shaman
    • right** Spirit Walker
    • right** Troll Witch Doctor
    • right** Raider
    • right** Kodo Beast
    • right** Wind Rider
    • right** Troll Batrider
    • right** Tauren
    • right** Grunt
    • right** Transport Ship
    • right** Frigate
    • right** Juggernauth
  • Special Buildings: (Unbuildable)
    • right** Orgrimmar
    • right** Darkspear Hold
    • right** Thunder Bluff
  • Buildings:
    • right** Great Hall
      • right** Stronghold
        • right** Fortress
    • right** Barrack
    • right** Watch Tower
      • right** Improved Watch Tower
    • right** Spirit Lodge
    • right** Bestiary
    • right** Vodoo Lounge
    • right** War Mill
    • right** Altar of Storms
    • right** Tauren Totem
    • right** Orc Burrow
    • right** Shipyard




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