Warsong Clan

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The Warsong clan is an orcish clan, formerly led by Grom Hellscream and is one of the strongest and most violent clans, the Warsong Clan was also one of the most distinguished clans.

The Stonemaul clan is an ogre clan which, after the Second War, separated in two:

  • One part sailing west to Kalimdor, which they knew because of Thrall and his Horde which settled there before, and establishing a village in Dustwallow Marsh while the
  • The other part remained in Lordaeron.

Location & Allies

Gray has a settlement in southern Kalimdor, Stonemaul Fortress near the center, the capture-able crossroads base, and a small base in the Orgrimmar tunnels.

  • Allies:
    • Thrall's Horde - Starts on an island near the maelstrom, where thrall must kill the seawitch to reach kalimdor, where he can create Orgrimmar. Also has the bases of Thunderbluff and the Darkspear Isles.
Ally Income 
Ally Position/Location 

Pros & Cons

  • Pros:
    • Excellent buffs and crowd control.
    • Devastating area of effect damage
    • Powerful spellcaster
    • Good against range and melee units
    • Have a variety in all his units
    • Access to lots of creep money.
  • Cons:
    • Upgrades are more expensive when compared to the Night Elves.
    • Gathering all of your forces and using all your units properly can be challenging.
    • Has to fight the Night Elves, in order to afirm his position in Kalimdor.
Mastery Icon Gold Wood Extra Requirement Effect
Ogre Might Mastery
295 245 None Improves the Hp of all ogre units by 20%, Hp regeneration by 1 and moviment speed by 10%.
Bloodlust Mastery
240 95 None Improves the Bloodlust ability on ogre magi and Cripple on orc warlock, also increases manapool of both by 100.
Troll Combat Mastery
295 260 None Improves Hp of all troll units bt 10%, attack range by 100, damage by 8 and Hp regeneration by 1.


Kalimdor -

  • Rexxar can go to the Stonemaul Clan and become the new Warchief (giving them the Stonemaul Soldier and Ogre Magi)(Outdated)
  • Can capture Crossroads.
  • When Thrall arrives at ogrimmar you will receive it´s undergrounds, and Nazgrel as a demi-hero.

Northern Kingdoms -

  • Killing Darius Crowley in Gilneas will give a boost to Grom and gold.

Heroes, Units and Buildings

  • Heroes:
  • Demi-Heroes:
    • right** Chen Stormout
    • right** Misha
    • right** Draz'Zilb
  • Elite Units:
    • right** Warsong Champion (Limited 6)
  • Units:
    • right** Warsong Grunt
    • right** Troll Berserker
    • right** Darkspear Warlord
    • right** Horde War Machine (Limited 6)
    • right** Ogre Magi
    • right** Orc Warlock
    • right** Raider
    • right** Stonemaul Soldier
    • right** Transport Ship
    • right** Frigate
    • right** Juggernauth
  • Special Buildings: (Unbuildable)
    • right** Stonemaul Keep
    • right** Crossroads
    • right** Warsong Lumber Camp


    • right** Great Hall
      • right** Stronghold
        • right** Fortress
    • right** Barrack
    • right** Watch Tower
      • right** Improved Watch Tower
    • right** Spirit Lodge
    • right** Bestiary
    • right** Goblin Laboratory
    • right** Goblin Shop
    • right** War Mill
    • right** Altar of Storms
    • right** Orc Burrow
    • right** Shipyard


  • Like the Night Elves, you only have one ally, but this is more than enough because the Horde is one of the most balanced factions in the game. When combined, the horde can hold its own against any faction.